Sunday, November 16, 2008

Secret to programming your rolling code garage door openers!

If you have a car with a programmable homelink system, coupled with a car without one (using a handheld garage door opener) and possibly an keypad garage door opener attached to the outside of your garage, you know how difficult it is to program one of the devices without erasing the code on the others. I have found a secret!

We have 1 car with the Homelink built in, 2 with handheld units and a keypad outside. First you should program the handheld units. Following the directions on the main unit of the garage opener, push the program button and then hold the handheld unit up to it until the garage door moves or the main unit lights flicker or click. Test the handheld unit. If it is programmed, MOVE IT INSIDE YOUR HOME AND PUT IT INTO THE REFRIGERATOR (only for a short time.) The refrigerator acts as a shield so that the handheld unit won't be affected by programming something else. After programming all the handheld units individually (and putting them in the frig), then program your car's Homelink system using the directions in your auto's manual. After this is programmed, move your car WAAAYYYYYY down the street. Once the car is out of range, then you can go back and program your keypad on the side of your garage. At this point, everything should work. Believe me, it took me several frustrating DAYS to figure this out. Not you know the secret!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Angular Cheilitis Treatment

My daughter has always had chapped lips on and off - especially during the colder months. This year, it has been particularly bad and nothing has worked to heal her lips and the surrounding chapped/red skin...especially the cracking in the corners. Researching the internet is a bit frustrating because most sites & forums continue to lead you to the one where they guarantee a cure in 3 days BUT you have to pay them $79.95 for the secret. Now, if something sounds to good to be true, it is and I am not about to fork over $80 for a secret. So, I was adamant about "finding the secret" for free on the internet. After about 3 days of searching, I found one guy who had bought the secret and decided after holding it for a couple of years to release it in one of the forums... I only found it once, so here it is in hopes you won't have as hard a time as I did...

You'll need "concentrated" dish washing soap (ie. Palmolive), a new jar of white petroleum jelly (such as vaseline), paper towels, a small plate and 2 plastic bowls.

1. Floss and brush your teeth. Clean out your mouth.
2. Disinfect your hands, especially under your finger nails with the soap.
3. Disinfect your wash area, whether it is in your kitchen or your bathroom counter. You could use a disinfectant cleaner or the soap you bought.
4. Disinfect your plastic bowls with the soap and then fill them both with "warm" water.
5. Get a small clean plate and pour a little soap on to it and put it next to one of the wash bowls.
6. Disinfect your hands again.
7. Go to the first wash bowl and wipe some water over your lips, especially the cuts for a few seconds.
8. Take the soap from the plate and gently rub the soap into the cuts and around the mouth for about a minute. Close your mouth tight because soap obviously shouldn't get inside the mouth. If it does, just rinse your mouth and begin again.
9. Go to the second bowl and rinse the soap off.
10. Take the paper towels and dry your mouth. Every time you dab your mouth, use one towel at a time. BTW, if you have to rinse your mouth, go ahead.
11. Let your sores dry (five-10 minutes or longer). A little warning...when you look in the mirror, your sores are going to be red and wide open so it may not look pretty. Don't worry about this now.
12. Take the unused jar of white petroleum jelly and wipe it around the cuts and around your lips, under your nose and on your chin. Although the white petroleum jelly wasn't made to be eaten, it is okay if it gets in your mouth and a tiny but gets swallowed.
13. Two hours later, wipe the jelly off with paper towels. ....then wash the area again using the method above.
14. Let dry for 10-20 minutes and see if the sores shrink. If they do, you are on the road to recovery. By the time you wake in the morning, the inflammation should be down as the normal healing process will take over. If your sores haven't shrunk, reapply the jelly and wait an hour or two and remove it again and wash again.

The antibacterial concentrated soap kills the bacteria causing the cheilitus and dries the infection in the wound. The jelly, a water repellent, which is placed over the dried area, traps the bacteria in a dry prison thus extinquishing it since bacteria needs a wet environment to thrive.

For tough cases, try this several days or 3-4 times a day.

My daughter tried this method for a couple of days and saw marked improvement. We did see a dermotologists who gave her some topical steroid and anti fungal combo cream which she will use on the corners if it flares again. Hopefully, this will work for you....

Good luck!